Songbird Plant Kit

Songbird Plant Kit

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Kit Includes:


Meadow Blazingstar - This native thrives in full sun and well drained soils and blooms in late August to September. 3 foot tall when mature with multiple branches, the purple flowers add color to the landscape when most plants are past their prime.


Rough Blazingstar -  Perfect for medium to dry, well drained soils this native grows 2-3 feet high and is shorter than other Blazingstars but no less remarkable. Lavender flowers bloom in late summer are a favorite of hummingbirds and a host of insects.


Stiff Goldenrod - This species thrives in the most inhospitable soils from clay to dry sand, in a broad range of conditions! The stems serve as perches for song birds and the seeds are an important late season bird food.


Purple Cone Flower -  A hardy perennial wildflower that adapts easily to a range of growing conditions, including periods of heat and drought. Producing purple daisy like flowers coneflower grows to a height of 2-4 feet tall.


Smooth Blue Aster - The leaves on this native are indeed smooth to the touch and has a long bloom from late summer to mid fall. Prefers medium wet/ medium dry soils and full to partial sun. Mature height can reach 4 feet.


Indian Grass - A warm season perennial bunchgrass that is intolerant to shade. It grows 3-7 feet tall and blooms from late summer to early fall. Commonlyfound throughout the Midwest in a wide range of soil types.


    The cost of plants does not warrant free replacement; the District offers no guarantee of survival