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4-H Agronomy Kits


Click here to sign up for start-up kits for the project areas you are interested in exploring this summer. Members who request kits are expected to bring the projects they create to the County Fair as a 4-H Project this summer in August. Members will be contacted in May with more details and should plan to join us and watch for ways to gather supplies.


REGISTRATION DEADLINE: April 23, 2021 QUESTIONS: Contact your Steele County 4-H Program at 507-444-7685 or

Have you ever wanted to know more about the crops in your area? Do you want help getting started on a fair project related to Agronomy? This opportunity is for you!

2021 Steele Agronomy Kit Flyer_1_Page_1.
2021 Steele Agronomy Kit Flyer_1_Page_2.
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