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Hardwood Package

Hardwood Package

SKU: Hardwood-PKG

Five each:  Bur Oak, Red Oak, White Oak, Swamp White Oak, and American Linden (Basswood)


Bur Oak: Grows to 60'. A very hardy native tree used for lumber and other wood products. Prefers well drained soils but will tolerate both wet and dry soils. This tree can be used for windbreaks if wildlife is prime concern. It has excellent value for providing nesting cover, browse, and acorns. Plant on 16-20' spacings.


Red Oak: Grows to 80'. Hardy native tree that prefers rich, deep, moist, medium to fine textured soils. Has excellent value for wildlife by providing nesting cover, browse, and acorns. Holds leaves through winter. Plant on 16- 20' spacing.


White Oak: A tall, moderately fast growing, long-lived, native tree. Grows 50-70’ tall. Prefers moist, well-drained soils. Does not do well in poorly drained sites. Purple-red fall color with sweet acorns relished by wildlife. Plant on 16-20’ spacings


Swamp White Oak: Grows to 70’ tall when mature. A hardy, long-lived native tree that prefers moist to wet lowland and swampy soils. It has a moderate growth rate and will tolerate some shade. Excellent wildlife value. Plant on16-20’ spacings.


American Linden (Basswood): Medium to large sized tree growing to 75 feet at maturity. Trunk diameter is 2-5’ with large spreading branches. Abundant sweet-smelling flowers in May/June that attract honey bees. This tree needs to be planted much more to help support our pollinators.


    The cost of the trees does not warrant free replacement and the District offers no guaranteee of survival.

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