Wildlife Package

Wildlife Package

SKU: Wildlife-PKG

Ten each:  Eastern Red Cedar, Northern White Cedar.  


Five each: Red Oak, Swamp White Oak, Plum, Crabapple, Cranberry, Juneberry, Hazelnut, Redtwig Dogwood, and Black Chokeberry.


Eastern Red Cedar: Native, long-lived evergreen tree that will grow to 30’. Reddish tinge on needles. Grows on most soils except wet sites.  Should not be planted close to apple orchards because it is a host for the cedar apple rust disease. Excellent wildlife cover.  Plant on 8’ spacings.


Northern White Cedar: Long-lived 40’-50’ tall evergreen that prefers well-drained soils but will tolerate poor drainage. Can be planted close together and not lose its needles. Excellent shelterbelt and escape cover for birds. Plant on 8’ spacings


Red Oak: Grows to 80'. Hardy native tree that prefers rich, deep, moist, medium to fine textured soils. Has excellent value for wildlife by providing nesting cover, browse, and acorns. Holds leaves through winter. Plant on 16- 20' spacing.


Swamp White Oak: Grows to 70’ tall when mature.  A hardy, long-lived native tree that prefers moist to wet lowland and swampy soils. It has a moderate growth rate and will tolerate some shade.  Excellent wildlife value. Plant on16-20’ spacings.


American Plum: Grows to 12'.  Native tree that spreads to form thickets.  Grows on most soils except sandy sites. Plant on 8’ spacings.


Crabapple: Grows to 20'. Bears fruit every year, fruit persists into winter providing food for wildlife.  Grows well on most soils. Plant on 8’ spacings.


American Cranberry: Grows to 10’.  White flowers in May followed by red foliage and scarlet edible berries in fall.  Tolerates heavy soil types. Excellent wildlife habitat and makes a good snow catch or screen.  Plant spacing 4-6’ apart.


Serviceberry/Juneberry: Small native shrub, which grows to 15 feet tall.  Grows well on most soils, except wet soils. Grows in both sun and shade.  Its blue-black berries, which ripen in summer, are great for pie making and are readily eaten by birds. Fall foliage is yellow-orange to red-purple. Plant spacing 4-6’ apart.


Hazelnut: Grows to 10'. A mulit-stemmed round topped plant.  Light yellow-green fall foliage with edible nuts (also called filberts).  Prefers well-drained loamy soils and shade. Plant spacing 4-6’ apart.


Redtwig Dogwood:  Fast growing, native shrub that grows to 10’. Fast growing native shrub with red bark and is shade tolerant. Grows best on heavy soils but grows anywhere in sun or shade.  Great wildlife shrub. Plant spacing 4-6’ apart.


Black Chokeberry: Grows to 5. White flowers, blue-black berries and red fall foliage. Tends to sucker. It will grow well in most soils and moisture conditions. Very tasty berries that are high in antioxidants.  Plant spacing 4-6’ apart.


    The cost of the trees does not warrant free replacement and the District offers no guarantee of survival.